Celebrating Destiny’s 2nd Birthday

So today, we celebrate Destiny’s 2nd Birthday.

She’ll always be in our hearts and always be a big part of our family.

Everyday we wander who she would have been and we can only imagine the bond that she would have had with her and her big brother having such a small age gap between them.

Daddy felt it so much more this year. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

After we left the cemetery, we had chocolate cake and her siblings blew out the number 2 candle. We reflected on her very short life and thanked her for leading us as a family to God.

Happy 2nd Birthday Destiny xx

Happy 1st Birthday Destiny πŸ’”

Happy Birthday my youngest Princess πŸ‘ΌπŸΏ

Mummy has no words. Totally heartbroken πŸ’”

Would be a dream to be able to hold you, kiss you & watch you giggle today while eating your birthday cake & playing with your big sister & big brother 😒

Just so tired from grief. I’ve been told it gets better. I pray it does πŸ™πŸΎ

Until we meet again,

Mummy πŸ’•